Beginning with his award in law school for outstanding dedication to the CU Legal Aid and Defender Program, Bruce has continued to not only provide superior legal representation to CU students charged with criminal offenses for over 20 years, but has actively been an advocate for student interests and issues.

Student Cases are Unique

We understand that college students charged with a criminal offense or municipal ordinance violation face unique issues separate and apart from the court system. We realize that not only is a criminal proceeding disruptive to a student's academic schedule, but compounds the emotional stress students face in achieving their academic and career goals. Sanctions imposed by the Office Student Conduct, potential exclusion from the dorms, loss of scholarship or grant funding, and simply the stigma of a criminal charge can all have devastating consequences. That's what makes The Sarbaugh Law Firm unique and your best choice in legal representation.

Experience Representing Students

Bruce Sarbaugh and student Having worked directly with students through CU's Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations office for the past nine years, Bruce brings an unrivaled insight and knowledge into the defense of CU students.

Bruce has worked directly with the CU administration, the policy makers at the City of Boulder, as well as the courts in addressing issues unique to the college experience. Bruce has worked hard advocating for student interests and as a result enjoys an excellent reputation with both Municipal and County court prosecutors and CU administration in obtaining the best outcomes for his student clients. And, while most cases are resolved without a trial, Bruce has earned the respect of prosecutors as a tenacious and "crafty" trial attorney.

While many defense attorneys claim to have the knowledge and capability to represent college students, few if any can match the experience The Sarbaugh Law Firm brings to your defense. If you are a student or have a student charged with a criminal offense, let us put that experience to work for you.