Bruce has earned a reputation of being a tenacious advocate for his clients while maintaining the highest level of competence and integrity. That reputation was summed up best by a former Boulder prosecutor who stated, “Bruce is a lawyer’s lawyer.”

Client Testimonials

Bronton C.

Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh is a man of knowledge, generosity, and action. He helped me many years ago when faced with a couple felony charges along with several misdemeanors thrown in by the D.A. for the hell of it. He got me into the District Attorney's office and all charges were dropped through his strategy. Recently (June '09) he generously gave up his time, knowledge and wisdom to help me clarify another legal matter. He's a real human Human and an excellent attorney -- each being rare. Let him help you.

Mario S.

Bruce is an exceptional lawyer. He was honest, hardworking, and dedicated to the case. Bruce always looked positively on the case and would do the best he could to have the best outcome, but he also would be straightforward and tell you how things could go the other way which is very important. His billing is the most fair I have ever heard of any lawyer. He is personable, does not judge character, and dedicates himself to you. Personally, my life would be a whole lot different without Bruce's representation that I can not thank him enough for.

Esther H.

When our son was charged with DWAI, the future looked pretty abysmal. Mr. Sarbaugh stepped in and worked nothing short of a miracle. Due to his exceptional representation and inventive strategizing, the alcohol charge was dropped. He has a knowledgeable and calm approach, makes himself immediately accessible to his clients, and is generous with his time. If you need assistance with an alcohol charge, Bruce will produce the best possible result.

Logan S.

I would highly recommend The Sarbaugh Law Firm to anyone seeking a personable, well-versed professional attorney. Mr. Sarbaugh made it easy for me to understand all the different options and their consequences, and was very explicit about making the best decision. He ALWAYS returned my phone calls or emails within 24 hours, and many times much less. Mr. Sarbaugh works as if he was a good friend while maintaining a steady sense of professionalism, which despite the negativity of a DUI case, made me feel much more comfortable coping with my situation.

Prosecution Testimonial

While solid litigation skills are essential to criminal defense,  the majority of cases are resolved without a trial.  This means that it is essential that your attorney understand the mindset of the prosecution and have the respect of the attorneys prosecuting your case.  In our 20 years of defense work, we have earned a solid reputation of legal knowledge and skill as well as the respect of the prosecution.  Here’s a sample of what prosecutor's have said about Bruce:

John P. (former prosecutor)

Bruce is a lawyer’s lawyer.  Without exception, in the many cases we have litigated that involved complex legal issues, his legal arguments were compelling, creative, and clearly presented.  Mr. Sarbaugh is a man of unquestioned integrity; he is thoughtful, balanced and an excellent lawyer.

Timothy J. (prosecutor)

Bruce Sarbaugh's skills as an attorney go well beyond the basic representation of his clients. He is able to readily identify material legal issues in cases without unnecessary motions and legal argument. His presentation of these issues is always professional and succinct. He also has very good negotiation skills.