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The Sarbaugh Law Firm is a Criminal Defense firm with over 20 years experience specializing in DUI defense. When you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense or DUI, it is important to retain legal counsel that is experienced, highly skilled, and educated in the specific defense of the crime with which you have been charged.

It is equally, if not more important that your attorney is responsive and available to communicate with you in terms you can understand.

That’s what makes us unique – our ability to understand your unique circumstances and effectively communicate and explain the legal process, the potential consequences, and the options available to you.

Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh has represented clients in the Boulder courts for over 20 years, litigating hundreds of criminal and DUI cases. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, and has served on the Boulder Bench/Bar Committee, as well as the CU/City Alcohol Task Force and the CU/City Oversight Committee.

Mr. Sarbaugh has also been trained in the proper administration and interpretation of the DUI Standard Field Sobriety Tests (“roadside tests”), the mechanics and scientific principles involved in breath testing by the Intoxliyzer, as well as the blood testing process through the Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer analysis.In addition, Mr. Sarbaugh has completed a 40-hour mediation training seminar focusing on negotiation skills and effective persuasive argument logic which he uses in negotiating plea agreements with the District Attorney.

If you are facing a DUI, domestic violence, traffic offense, or other criminal charge, we will bring all our experience, knowledge, and trial skills to bear to protect your rights and minimize the consequences so that you can move forward with your life. We know that there are many defense attorneys to choose from, which is why we offer FREE initial consultations. Give us a call today and see how we can put our firm to work for you!

Defending University Students

Bruce has worked part-time at the University of Colorado for the past 6 years and has served on various committees through the City of Boulder, addressing student issues. When a college student has been charged with a criminal offense, you not only need a great criminal lawyer, you need someone who has the understanding and knowledge to deal with the emotional, psychological, and administrative consequences.Learn more about your student's legal rights and how we can help you and your student.

7 Steps to take immediately if you get stopped for a DUI

  1. DO NOT submit to roadsides or "field" breath test. These are absolutely voluntary tests that are unreliable and their only purpose is to provide the police officer with evidence that you are impaired
  2. DO NOT admit that you had been drinking or try to explain that you're ok to drive. The cop doesn't care and will only use your statements against you.
  3. DO be courteous and polite - getting upset, angry, or arguing with the officer only provides evidence of impairment.
  4. DO take the blood or breath test at the police station. Refusing to submit to a chemical test of your blood or breath will automatically revoke your driver's license for one-year in addition to any other revocation or suspension.
  5. DO NOT make any statements to the police officer, regardless of how nice they may seem or if they say they only want to understand what happened.
  6. DO immediately request a hearing with the Division of Motor Vehicles as soon as you are released from custody. You only have 7 days to request a hearing or you will lose you right to contest the revocation of your driver's license.
  7. DO immediately contact an experienced, local DUI attorney to discuss your situation and obtain further advice on what you may or may not need to do. Only a criminal defense attorney with specific experience and knowledge of DUI cases can competently review your case and offer sound advice. The Sarbaugh Law Firm has been providing DUI defense and criminal lawyer Boulder services for over twenty years and offers free telephone consultations.