Drug Offenses

Colorado has a wide variety of laws involving the possession, sale, use, and/or manufacturing of illegal drugs. Depending on it’s type, useful purposes, and level of potential for abuse, each illegal drug and/or its derivatives are placed and categorized on five separate “Schedules” under Colorado law.

The most dangerous and/or addictive drugs which have no medical purpose (such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, for example), are classified as “Schedule I” controlled substances. The least harmful drugs are classified as “Schedule V” controlled substances and includes non-narcotic drugs.

Other than marijuana, which has become legal under Colorado state law with the passage of Amendment 64, the most common drug charges fall under the Schedule II classification, which includes drugs which have a medical use, but have a highly addictive potential, such as cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamines.

In addition to the type of drug, Colorado laws also vary in the nature of the offense, such as simple possession, possession with the intent to distribute, or manufacturing of illegal drugs. The severity of the sentence which can be imposed will vary depending upon and the amount of the drug involved. Many drug offenses involve undercover operations and questionable tactics of informants or police officers who are unfamiliar with drug investigations and may compromise the integrity of the drug, leading to incorrect test results.

In the event you find yourself charged with possession of an illegal controlled substance, the choice of attorney can mean the difference between a successful defense or an adverse outcome. Give us a call - and we will review the facts and circumstances of your case for free to determine how we can best help you in your defense.